English and Mathematics Workabooks

A specially designed homework and revision
resource for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

Workabooks integrate everything for homework into one book, per subject, per year. They make setting homework manageable and simplify how it is set, completed, tracked and marked by the teacher. They are bought and issued by schools and contain everything children, teachers, tutors, parents and carers need for a whole year of inspiring and stimulating homework!

Workabooks at a glance:

  • Not worksheets, not photocopiables
  • Each child has their own book(s)
  • A year’s homework in each subject
  • Robust, well-presented, ideal for revision or practice
  • Cover curricula followed by state schools in English and Mathematics in the UK
  • Contain Achievement pages, Rewards and a Certificate of Completion

Workabooks: right for your school?

  • Help make homework an integral part of learning
  • Make schoolwide homework manageable, consistent
  • Reinforce and consolidate classroom teaching
  • Help raise overall attainment
  • Eliminate photocopying
  • Enable parents, carers to support their children with ease

What's inside a Workabook?

Workabook homework is based on three different types of homework activity
Learning, Practising and Thinking.

Learning exercises

Some things need to be learned by heart. Workabooks learning exercises help to make this easier...

Mathematics Workabooks divide the learning facts (things like units and multiplication tables) into manageable, ‘bite-sized’ chunks.

English Workabooks have a Word Bank containing two types of word lists: World of Words, which help to enrich children’s writing and speaking; and Rules, Patterns and Important Words - the words essential for the formal use of English.
Learning exercise example pages:
Learning exercise example 1
Learning exercise example 2

Practice exercises and
Practising language exercises

Practice Exercises reinforce and consolidate what’s been learnt in the classroom; there are three levels of Practice Exercise:

A  is for a good basic level
B  is for building up confidence
C  is for more of a challenge

You will soon get a feel for which level of practice exercise is right for your child, but if they also want to try the next level up, encourage them to have a go!
Practice exercise example pages:
Practice exercise example 1
Practice exercise example 2

Thinking tasks

The thinking tasks use the skills developed in the Learning and Practice Exercises, showing how they can be used in everyday life; they can be selected to support work covered in class.

English Workabooks: the writing tasks include a range of different genre, both fiction and non-fiction.

Mathematics Workabooks: the tasks enable children to apply their skills and knowledge to real life situations or to meet different areas of mathematics in an investigational form.
Thinking task example pages:
Thinking task example 1
Thinking task example 2

Why children love Workabooks

Children take pride in owning their own books and love the bright colours and friendly
characters they encounter. Because Workabooks make homework so appealing,
children are much more likely to become involved, motivated and enthusiastic!

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